Residential Roofing

At Paragon Roofing we understand that your largest material investment is your home. It is our utmost priority to ensure that we provide you with professional, quality workmanship using what we know to be the best roofing system available, which is why we choose CertainTeed. 

We specialize in Insurance Claims and have worked with all of the major Insurance Agencies in partnership with the homeowner to complete unparalleled and unmatched results.

With the vast amount of colors CertainTeed offers, we can match what you currently have or help you choose another color to give your home an instant facelift! Not only can color itself be an immediate factor in  a new look, but the type of shingle you choose can be as well. In addition to the standard 3-tab shingle, you may consider: 

Architectural Shingles 

Wood Shingles such as Cedar Shake, Redwood, or Southern Pine

Tile (clay or concrete) for a Spanish-style

Metal Roofing (tin) for a Rustic look

To set your chimney apart from the rest, ask us about our Copper Chimney flashing! Beautifully crafted at the hands of our talented installer, copper flashing around your chimney is sure to make an added statement and give that extra custom touch to your home. 

Whatever your choice may be, our professionals will be with you every step of the way! 

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