Thanks Paragon Roofing!


Thanks Paragon Roofing!

  I recently had Paragon Roofing estimate and install a new roof on my house.  The estimator was not only professional and courteous but very knowledgeably as well.  He quickly worked up a quote and was also able to quote the installation for some skylights and sky-tubes that my wife had been wanting for some time.  The roofing crew came out and immediately set up tarps to protect the vegetation around my home and to catch any falling materials.  They did a great installation of both the roof and the added skylights/tubes.  When the installation was complete they thoroughly went through the yard picking up any materials and nails that didn't get caught by the tarps.  The estimator then returned and did a walk through and made sure we were completely satisfied with the work.  This was a great experience and I will be using Paragon Roofing again on my new house.   Thanks Paragon Roofing! 

Jason Hutchinson Cumming, GA  

New Roof Replacement

  When we realized our kitchen ceiling had developed a water stain from an apparent leak, you know immediately - "this is not good."  Soon to follow is a feeling of dread.  Now, the real work begins.  I knew finding a dependable roofing contractor would be my first big challenge.   We will gladly recommend your company, Paragon Roofing, to anyone we know who may bein the need of a quality roofing contractor.  You, your lead man, and your construction manager, inspected our roof and evaluated our situation.  You were clear on what needed to be done in the way of temporary repairs.  You completely explained the damage to our roof.  You covered all the options, code changes, and described the quality of the CertainTeed products you use.     Paragon Roofing was able to completely handle all outside and inside work required.  The new roof, and the new interior paint on the ceilings and walls looks great.  Your company completed our project in a timely and professional manner.  We thank you for the quality work we received by Paragon Roofing to get our home back in order.     Best Regards, Donald Osborne  

"Your roof is my foundation"

Usually, you hire someone to do a job, then they disappear. Not here! They constantly text me to check on the job and the crew. "Any leaks, yet?" "Any loose shingles, yet?" "Are you still happy with the job we did?" Crazy-good customer service to say the least.

The owner of the company, wanted to come back out to my house to PERSONALLY inspect the job they did and fix it. Fortunately, there was nothing to fix. He invested his time on the phone with me to answer my questions, give me tips and advice, and I realized that all was good.

I had never experienced such levels of customer service from the owner of a company and asked him WHY he paid so much attention to my satisfaction. He LITERALLY said, "Your roof is my foundation." As a business owner, I totally get it. He said that he puts food on his family's table by making sure my family is safe and satisfied. A man who has that sort of humility is a man I can trust.

I hope you give Paragon Roofing a call. It is rare to become friends with a vendor/contractor, and Paragon is an exceptional vendor/contractor who is a true friend to me, my home, and my family. Thank you. Your crew was respectful, filled with laughter, and extremely dedicated to the job. Very satisfied.  Robert Humphries 

Beautiful Leak Free Roof

  Thank you Paragon Roofing for our beautiful leak free roof.  It got put to a real test over the last few days of incessant rain and passed with flying colors.  You guys were wonderful to work with!                                     Hal and Melanie Schwab  

Professional, Neat, Courteous

  I am a homeowner in the Cumming, GA area and called Paragon Roofing to do a patch job.  They came out, inspected the area, and offered a great price.  I was pleased with the work, the level of professionalism they displayed.  Therefore, I would recommend them to any and all I know.  They were professional in the fact that they explained everything to me that was needed to be done.   After inspecting the issue they took pictures and forwarded them to me so that I could visually see as they explained not only the cause, but the treatment.  They were neat and courteous and did the job in a timely manner.  Not to mention it looks great. Thanks Paragon! Audrey  

"After 5 potential roofers we decided on Paragon"

  We had our roof replaced last year (2014) After contacting 5 potential roofers, we decided on Paragon Roofing.  Having never replacing a roof before, their explanations and technical knowledge were invaluable.  They spent a great deal of time with us insuring that we understood all the " what and the why's" in the project. The prices were fair.  They protected the other areas of the house before installation.  The installation was efficient and on the time schedule.  And the clean up was good.  Almost a year later, the roof looks great and there have not been any issues.  We recommend Paragon Roofing without hesitation.     Jim & Inez Durgen Cumming, Georgia  

Thanks Paragon Roofing!


"Polite, Honest, Fair, and do a great job!!"

The owner is very responsive and makes sure the job is done right! His wife is also very responsive and got back to us quickly with any questions we had!

They replaced the flashing around three chimneys with copper flashing. It is a steep roof line with difficult angles around the chimneys. However Paragon’s guys worked for three straight days until they got it right! They were very polite and cleaned up when they were done. The owner made sure we were happy with the job before they finished!

We would definitely recommend Paragon for your roofing needs! They are polite, honest, fair and do a great job!! ~ Leslie Dyke

"I will definitely use them again and refer them to all my friends."

Paragon Roofing did a very good job in timely manner. I will definitely use them again and refer them to all my friends. ~ Don Kalle Jr

"I highly recommend them."

This company & their crew did an outstanding job on my roof. Not only is it beautiful, the clean up is great! I have 2 big dogs & was very concerned about old nails left that they might step on. Not a nail left anywhere. I highly recommend them. ~ Corky Nesbitt 

"Expectations were well laid out and meet with superior quality."

The owner and his crew at Paragon Roofing did a fine job on my re-roof project. The site was well organized and work completed efficiently. Expectations were well laid out and meet with superior quality. ~ Pete Allen

"They were on top every step of the way..."

I built a new home on Lake Lanier and Paragon Roofing installed my roof and gutters. They were on top every step of the way and completed it as promised. Called them recently to add more gutters to a porch and they responded within the same hour. I will be building another house in the near future and will use them again. ~ Art Harwood 

"Thanks Brother!"

The owner and I where neighbors for a long time and I always saw his company truck... it wasn't until we started talking that I found out that he was also a veteran, we became friends and started hanging out with each other's families. One day I was talking to him about a rental property I owned in Alabama that needed the porch roof fixed and how I had some other roofers over and they didn't actually fix any thing to stop the leaking. He told me "Hey let me take a look at it?" I told him it was too far of a drive for such a small job. He said look just let me go look at it... So I gave him the address. The next week I get a call from him... He said I looked at it and we can make it right! Well he did and he did any amazing job... the roof still hasn't leaked in two years! The other part of this is, that with him being a veteran himself, he did the job on Veteran's Day! Thanks brother! If you are reading this I know he will always go out of his way to make every roofing job big or small done right! ~ Paul van Oudheusden